SpoFest Cafe

What is SpoFest Cafe?

SpoFest Cafe is an online chat room where poets and writers can get together to talk about their craft.

It is also a place where everyone can chat while listening to the live stream of a SpoFest event.

Enter the chat room!

Select the nick provided or come up with your own (recommended)
Click “connect” to join the chat!

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Red Light Sedalia

When there is no live SpoFest event to stream, you will instead hear our Spokenword/original music playlist.

O I C Radio:
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Click here to listen!
Open the PopUp Player

(Note: If you are experiencing buffering or cutting out of the radio stream, simply close the popup window and reopen it.)

Watch our SpoFest events on Youtube. See and hear the performers.

Click to watch

Chat Commands:

When you first join the chat room, you might want to type:
(To clear all of the server details.)

You can change your nickname at any time by typing:
/nick YourNewNick
(IE: /nick JoeSmith)

Begin chatting by typing something and then hit enter.
Perform actions by typing: /me smiles (then hit enter.)

Click on a nickname to pm, whois or ignore.

pm= private message the person
whois= who is the person?
Ignore= ignore the person

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