Timothy Leary and the School Bus

Timothy Leary and the School Bus

he was a beagle

named after the LSD

counter culture guru

a purebred

but no hunter

so Finas gave him to me

as a pet

and he deserves a poem

he had no bad habits

save one

and that was the chasing

of school buses

which he never caught

but one finally caught him

it happened

at the start of day

on that country road

which took me everywhere

back then

and brought me home again

still does

but, paved over now

that day it was still gravel

on which he lay there still

broken and bleeding

I fetched him back

loading him

in a red Radio Flyer

the only ambulance I had

he lying flat and still

I parked him in the shade

there in front of the house

before going to school

lacking courage

so I left him there

not strong enough to shoot him

the manly thing to do

I could not even touch the .22

that laid inside unused

I just left him

all day feeling guilty

knowing he would suffer


when I got home

that dog was gone

that wagon was empty

just standing

where I had left it

then soundlessly

there he was

come up from the woods

where he had waited

for me

he lived five more years


chased a school bus again

that broke him

and taught me

to let God make

the life and death


and not to chase

school buses

Timothy Leary and the School Bus was previously published by Media Virus Magazine


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