Snow Day – Dec 01 2011

Performing: Snow Day
Jerry Pirtle
Date: Dec 01 2011
Location: State Fair Community College

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Snow Day


A clean blanket

covers the ground,

erases the past.

White purity piles

itself upon more of the same.

Time pauses,

allows temporary hibernation.


Mom, with sewing basket,

finally embroiders

yellow daisies

on a gray apron;

sis pours hot cider

and laughs

as she spills it into the cups;

brother hones

his knife

to butcher with gramps ;

Dad enjoys the harmony

Mother Nature provides

with hibernation.

That was yesterday—


An automatic text announces “snow day.”


the plow beeps,

flashes its lights,

promises a chance to escape.

In its eagerness to help,

the yellow blade

pushes white purity

into gray piles of muck.


Mom, with DVR,

finally learns who

was last voted off

Dancing with the Stars;

sis posts a Facebook video

of Scruffy plunging

into soft fluff;

brother hones

his Call of Duty

skills on X-Box;

dad pores over


on his laptop.


Mother Nature

curtains the sky,

blankets the earth

with white,

erases the past.

Inside, now as then,

Mom, sis, brother, dad

make this Snow Day


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