Random (The First Forgotten Few 2) – Jul 30 2011

Performing: Random (The First Forgotten Few 2)
James Bryant
Date: Jul 30 2011
Location: Wine and More in downtown Sedalia

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The First Forgotten Few


The sky grows dark
With the closing of my eyes
I grow dark

Something reaches out to me
Her hand and unseen smile

No, not now, maybe never
Just let me sleep
So I may

I saw the end and the beginning
Where does it all start?

Grasses grow and the wind blows
Something natural
Am I?

My faith is like…
A sputtering flame in my cupped hands

I am blind but…
If you could only see what I see
The eyes in my head

Remembering how I start
Forgetting how I end

I quickly say
The slowness in my words
So you may hear

I elude them all….
While I walk with them

Standing still…
The world spins on
On and on

Here at last, the first forgotten few
Me, myself and I

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