Guidelines For Being A Reader

How do I sign up to read?

Call James:
660 553 4572

Or email with the subject “SpoFest”:

How many minutes can I read?

It varies from event to event. Typically readers are given either 5 or 10 minutes.

Anything else I need to do?

Time yourself reading each of the works you wish to read. (This is important!)

Email us what you would like to read, including the titles of each work and the time it takes you to read each of these works.

If sending attachments, please make sure they are in .txt format. Thanks.

What can I read?

Any form of writing, fiction or nonfiction, that DOES Not contain vulgarity or excessive profanity. Genres include poetry, prose, haiku, short stories,
anecedotes, and essays. Use good judgement when selecting your reading material.


Original works only unless you’ve received expressed permission, by email, phone or in writing, to read someone else’s works.

Still not sure how to proceed?

Call James:
660 553 4572

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