Woe Is Me – Oct 28 2011

Performing: Woe Is Me
Brad “Grizzly” Adams
Date: Oct 28 2011
Location: State Fair Community College

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Woe Is Me

The woes of this life are many and varied

All of my hopes and dreams I’ve long since buried

Children and a wife

A career, a free life.

Left cold and alone

Adrift without a home

I’m tired of the game, I’m trough with the fight

I lie down slowly and let go the light.

Quicksand is what I’m in,

Caring too much was my sin.

Locked in a cage for the last 8 years.

I’ve long since cried all my tears.

I no longer have any fears

Convicts and criminals have become my peers.

I stare at the photos of the life I once had.

And I wonder to myself, was I really so bad?

Remorse, grief, and sorrow

They’re waiting for me when I wake tomorrow.

I’ve lost my will to go on fighting

So this poem I am writing

To all those that I’ve left behind

If I could do it again, I’d just hit rewind.

I’d make different plans

And reach for all the outstretched hands.

Now, we sit alone in my mind

Just waiting for the reel to unwind.

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