Torture – Oct 28 2011

Performing: Torture
Brad “Grizzly” Adams
Date: Oct 28 2011
Location: State Fair Community College

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So many dreams, yet un-dreamed

So many places, yet un-seen

So many words, yet un-spoken

So many things, yet un-done

Dreams are the torture of my soul

Hope is a weapon I use against myself

Fears are the thoughts that I embrace

Happiness is the illusion that I chase

Reality is the thing that I try to flee

Depression is the friend that I have always had

Isolation is what I’ve always sought

I’m ever alone within these fences

I’m never alone within my mind

I wonder around, always surprised at what I find

I’ve seen so much in my prison years

I’ve had so many fears

I’ve cried so many tears

I’ve lost so much and gained so little

When I close my eyes late at night

I talk to myself and know what is right

I’ve been gone and forgotten for oh so long

My life should have been a country song

I laugh a lot, but it’s just a front

It’s a way for the pain to be blunt

I torture myself with false hope

It’s just what I do so I can cope.

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