The Beast – Oct 28 2011

Performing: The Beast
Brad “Grizzly” Adams
Date: Oct 28 2011
Location: State Fair Community College

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The Beast

The beast inside is on a very short line

I don’t know how much longer, how much time

The tether is getting weak

The future’s looking bleak

Being pushed, poked, and prodded

Angered, teased, and abused

All his control he’s about to lose.

They say to cage your rage

For page upon page

But they do nothing to aid the change

They spew forth words without meaning

Meeting after meeting after meeting

Pushing and pushing

Looking and looking

Trying to get us to snap

And they sit there and laugh

Bit by bit, I’m losing control

All their blah, blah, blah has taken its toll

They say they’ve dealt with the worst of the worst

They know not for the blood I thirst

I’m losing my grip, the chain is going to slip

Then I will have unleashed the beast.

Snarling and snapping, gnawing and biting

All these emotions, I’m done fighting

All the carnage and destruction, death and pain

All their words spoken in vain

With the flowing of their blood

The rage within the beast will begin to drain.

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