Soulmate – Oct 28 2011

Performing: Soulmate
Brad “Grizzly” Adams
Date: Oct 28 2011
Location: State Fair Community College

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Cold and lonely in a place that’s black and sooths me.

Beaten and defeated, abused and mistreated.

I embrace my fate finally.

A life incarcerated, I face it calmly.

Penance and punishments for the pain I inflicted.

The things I’ve done, where I sit, who could’ve predicted?

Torment and chaos I’ve left in my wake.

I took it all and gave no one a break.

Woe to the life I’ve chosen to live.

Woe to the pain I’ve chosen to give.

The division of my mind is complete.

My life and choices I’d never repeat.

I sit in my despair, waiting for the curtain to fall.

Waiting for the light to fade and finally end it all.

The blackness surrounds me close.

Caresses and holds me from my head to my toes.

It whispers to me that it truly cares.

It’s feelings of love it willingly shares.

Cold becomes heat, such a delicate treat.

The loneliness will leave, the more I believe.

My soul mate, I’ve finally found.

Me and the dirt, six feet underground.

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