SpoFest Goes Global

You’ve been wanting to read at a SpoFest event but you live out of the state or you live in another country. Not a problem. You can read at one of our SpoFest events from the comfort of your home using Skype.

Guidelines for reading at one of our SpoFest events via Skype:

1. Please check out:
Guidelines for being a reader

2. Email us what you would like to read.

When you email, please specify which SpoFest event you’d like to read at. Available events are in February, April, August, October and December.

You may read only one item and your total time reading can not exceed more than 6 minutes.

If you have been approved to read, we will contact you by email with all of the pertinent details.

Skype Specific Guidelines:

1. Must use a USB Headset.

2. Minimize any background noises.

3. Be prepared to begin your reading slot when it’s your turn to read.

These guidelines are designed to insure the best possible audio quality and smooth transition between local and remote sites.

Call for more details:
660 553 4572
Or email us:

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